Fiberglass Boat Repair

Fiberglass/Gelcoat Repair/Paint

Whether you’re looking for minor cosmetic repairs or full yacht restoration, Wilmington Marine’s fiberglass boat repair services will restore your fiberglass boat to top condition. Our experienced technicians are skilled in fiberglass repair, gel coat repair, and painting.

Water damage, sun damage, storm damage, accidents, and daily wear and tear can all degrade your fiberglass boat’s exterior. It’s important to repair these issues quickly as minor stress cracks and dents can lead to more serious damage over time. The professionals at Wilmington Marine will identify and repair minor cracks and dents before they become major damage.

More serious issues like holes, craters, coring, and laminate damage require professional expertise as they can threaten your boat’s structural integrity. You can trust Wilmington Marine to repair your boat to the highest standards. Using quality materials and skills acquired through years of experience, our technicians provide a high level of service to protect your investment and keep your boat on the water for years to come.