Boat Hull & Bottom Paint

We know that your boat is an investment and a source of pride. Wilmington Marine’s professional boat painting services will restore your boat’s exterior to like-new condition with a long-lasting coat of color that will keep your boat looking beautiful.

Bottom paint requires special attention and high quality materials to protect your boat from daily exposure to sun and water. Bottom paint also prevents bacterial growth and oxidization that can negatively impact your boat’s speed and performance and damage its exterior and structure over time.

We do not cut corners, and we use top paint brands like Interlux and Awlgrip for beautiful shine and durability.

Our boat painting services include powerwashing, topside and interior painting and varnishing, and bottom prep and paint services.

Our crew uses the best paint brands such as Alexseal and Awlgrip to ensure a long lasting, beautiful coat of color. They are committed to having your boat looking shiny and new when they put a fresh coat of paint on for you.

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Power or Pressure Washing: Wilmington Marine Service will NOT be held responsible for the amount of ablative paint that we remove in trying to clean bottoms. We are sensitive to the owner’s wishes but do not guarantee any specific amount of paint being removed or paint remaining.

Services Available

  • Powerwash
  • Topside and interior paint and varnish
  • Bottom prep and paint

Boat Hull & Bottom Paint Photo Gallery

Case Study

bottom boat paint before and after