Boat Storage & Hauling

Boat Hauling

Hauling your boat for winter storage, repairs, or surveying requires experience, expertise, and the highest level of care. Let the professionals at Wilmington Marine take care of it for you. Wilmington Marine’s highly skilled staff uses our 75-ton travel lift to ensure a safe and easy haul-out for your boat.

Dry Rack Boat Storage

New valet boat storage available!

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Winter Boat Storage

Wilmington Marine’s winter storage services will keep your boat safe and secure throughout the winter season. We’ll haul and block your boat for you at the end of the season and launch it for you when the next season begins.

Don’t miss a single day on the water! Wilmington Marine can provide repair, painting, and restoration at your request during winter storage to ensure that your boat is in top condition when the season begins. We keep a close watch on our friends’ boats while they’re in our care, and routine maintenance services are also available during winter storage.

From haul-out to block to launch, your boat will be in good hands throughout the winter season with Wilmington Marine.

Haul, Block & Launch for boats over 50′ with beams over 19′
$16 per foot

Haul, Block & Launch for boats under 50′ with beams under 19′
$11 per foot

DIY/Main Yard storage
$0.85 per foot per day includes use of all facility and amenities

*For Haul/Block/Launch, if your boat has splash rails, there is an additional charge of $2.00/ft.

Long Term Storage

Wilmington Marine provides on land long term boat storage at affordable rates at 3610 River Rd location.

On land storage long term rate is $6 per foot per month for the 3610 River Rd location. In addition, there is a $100 fee for blocking and stands.

On land storage for the 3410 River Rd location – when available as space is limited – the rate is $12 per foot plus $50 per month for utilities.

On land storage/work space rental is $.85 foot per day for do-it-yourself (DIY) customers, subcontractors and all non-Wilmington Marine Service work.

Contact us for more the six months

30 Amp Power – $2 per day (max $30 per month)
50 Amp Power – $3.50 per day (max $50 per month)

Wilmington Marine Service LLC has a surcharge of 2% for All credit card transactions over $2500.